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Report - Sheffield Central Post Office - 27/5/07

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Taken a long time getting this up, ive been very busy lately.

Anyway after getting in the night before, wouldn`t have been as easy if not for Rooky`s help :thumb. We went back in the morning to see it by light.

Fantastic inside although pretty bare in most places. The basement had a pile of cool looking boxes and a gym.
The spiral staircase was the best part, the stairs and the lights hanging down looked really nice. Had to leave a little earlier than expected as we were spotted by a woman in another building accrooss the road.
Need to get back at night again for some roof shots.










After this we went to see the bunker at Rotherham, was a shame to see that the local chavs had been in and started to fuck the place up. Still plenty of paper work left though.

After this and much fannying around we were into Mansfield General. Seems security are doing a great job at keeping it sealed, as our usual entrance was closed up.
We set the little stand alone PIR and Siren unit off, but it stopped after about 2 minutes.




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