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Report - Sheffield Crown Court-Northern Trip Part 3- (October 2013)


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Northern Trip Part 3 – Sheffield Crown Court

So, continuing to try and cheer myself up; I went on a long awaited Northern Tour with my close friend TBM. After replacing his rig he very kindly gave me his now not needed Sigma 10-20 lens.

Unfortunately we did not notice until the last moment that this lens had a slight fault with the mount, causing some focussing issues in many of my photos. But I didn’t let this dampen my trip.

What a weekend, I have got some serious photos and experiences from this under my belt now and I hope you enjoy.

So onto the second site of the day; the very popular Sheffield Crown Courts. I instantly fell in love with this site. Peely Paint, miles and miles of wood carving, and every room a story to tell.

The light in here was lovely and so were the views from the roof. I was really looking forward to this and the interiors did not disappoint, even if my damaged lens created disappointing photos.

Sheffield Old Town Hall was commissioned to replace Sheffield's original town hall, which had opened in 1700 and was designed by William Renny. This first structure stood by the parish church, on a site with little room or chance for extension.

The Old Town Hall was constructed between 1807–8 by Charles Watson; and was designed to house not only the Town Trustees but also the Petty and Quarter Sessions.

Initially the building was a five-bay structure fronting Castle Street, but an extension was built in 1833 and once again in 1866 by William Flockton (1804-1864) of Sheffield and his partner. The most prominent feature was the new central clock tower over a new main entrance that reoriented the building to Waingate.

During this time, the building's courtrooms were linked by underground passages to the neighboring Sheffield Police Offices.

By the 1890s, the building had again become too small for the large, thriving city of Sheffield, and the current Sheffield Town Hall was built further south.

In 1896-7 the Town Hall underwent one more extension by Gibbs & Flockton, and became Sheffield Crown Court and Sheffield High Court. In the 1990s, these courts moved to new premises. The building has stood empty since at least 1997.














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