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Report - Ship RFA Bayleaf Portsmouth May 2011


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A few photos of the engineroom of the ship RFA Bayleaf. finally got around to putting the pics up.

Quick history,
The ship was owned and operated by the Royal Fleet Auxiliary who provide the royal navy and other NATO navies with sea based support ranging from fuel for ships and aircraft, stores, ammunition and anything else that needs to be delivered to a ship at sea.

The Bayleaf was launched in 1981 and was approximately 30,000 tonnes when fully loaded, it was over 170m long and 26m wide.

The ship was due to be scrapped because of the strategic defense review and it sailed into portsmouth dockyard in April 2011 and the ship was finally shut down on the 8th June.

I havnt been to Portsmouth in a while but i assume it is still there awaiting bids from various scrap dealers/ship breakers.

I only had my phone with me which is why the photos are a bit poor, also i didnt originally intend on uploading them. the photos are unfortunately only of the engineroom where i worked.


The large boiler for heating and supplying hot water to clean the ships main fuel tanks

Air compressors, 2 for supplying air to start the engines and 2 for general use air

Air recievers and compressors

Fuel pumps for supplying the main engines with Diesel

Electrical Generators driven by auxiliary Diesel engines

The turbochargers fitted to the engines, 2 on each

the gearbox and clutches, the shaft on the right hand side in ther center is the propeller shaft going towards the back of the ship

looking between the engines at the bottom of the engine room, it got pretty hot down here when the engines were running

Shaft generators driven by the main engines via a power take off from the main gearbox

shaft generators producing 3.3Kv and 1.5MW if i remember rightly :s

The Machinery control room which was on the front end of the engineroom

diesel generator engine

the top of one engine

Generator control board and the control room cat.

controls for manouevering the main engines


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