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Report - silverlands manor-surrey july 2016


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Is there a reason they beefed up security again? There was no one and no alarms when I visited this place!
I haven't heard any reasons but the last time I was turfed out the guy said that there was a high risk of falling through to the basement no matter where you walked around on the ground floor... I also know they were "going to start renovating" which I'm not sure was true but it probably meant an influx of explorers and they got sick of having to kick out so many people maybe?


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I made an attempt to visit recently and am sad to say that every single window has been boarded up and security has been significantly increased. More camera's, motion censors etc, and all boards are nailed to the windows. It was impossible to get in without breaking and entering and with the severely increased security it was a risk I wasn't willing to take due to police now being able to arrest and charge on site. It's such a shame this beautiful building is going to waste as it's truly something to behold. I did get in previously but was turfed out by security in about half an hour and barely got to explore, since then everything is completely locked down... A real shame but thought I should update people.
Mate... Everything you just mentioned was in place during my visit..? A big set of nuts is always handy... Was a very risky trip! Anything is possible mate if you are willing! Oh and i did not break and enter....


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I went there last summer and security turned up within about 15 mins of us arriving. We were outside the perimeter fence at the time too. Secca work 24 hours a day to catch people there: the guy said they catch loads of people all the time. He attempted to make us pay the cost of his call out, which he said was £100 each time he has to go there!


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Police were called and we were accused of all sorts, this one isn't worth it anymore, It's about to become affordable homes :(

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