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Report - Singleton ROC Post - Sussex Group - 07/01/10


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I visited this post for the second time today since its been open, trudged through the snow to find it still locked on the T-bar and the louvres still in place since I re-attached them in the spring...


I can't help but think that this vent looks more like a mushroom:)


Inside the bunker was surprisingly warm and kind of a pleasant place to be even though it was around freezing above with an icy wind and a foot of snow in some places. It was still dry too but the sump is now full up.


I had a go at lifting the grate to drain some of the water as the pumps seized but its either fixed or rusted in place. I'm thinking of maybe going back sometime to have a go at fixing the pump...


Once inside the monitoring room I noticed that someone had tided it up a bit since I was last there, but also sadly that the Teletalk which was there before is now missing! Everything else was still in place though, including the small flexible mic and controller. Maybe the farmer has had a look inside since I re-attached the louvres and has removed the teletalk...? The polytiled walls and flooring are still in good condition, the blast shutters are starting to corrode but two out of the three still move. I quickly removed a pile of rocks from the shaft behind one which was bellow where the louvres had been removed before, hopefully that will help increase the airflow and prevent the sump from overflowing in the future.


...I'm thinking I will probably return to this post sooner or later and spend a little more time there next time probably fixing something maybe paint the rusting bits as its still in good condition and it would be nice to see it stay that way!
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