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Report - Sixty London, St Pauls - January 2013


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Hi Everyone,

My first report here. Myself and OnebyOne took a trip to London planning on doing some tunnels. Regrettably we weren't able to do those due to the amount of people around so choose instead to talk a wonder around the local area and see what we could find.:)

Ironically, instead of doing something underground we ended up doing something high. I introduce to you what I believe (hope) is the first report for Sixty London, in the St Pauls area of London.

The site itself is still a building site although the building shell and structure is present, theres a flat roof on the top and two cranes located on site. We fairly easily we managed to make our way to the roof and take some photos, climb up one of the cranes to take some more photos and get back down again without issue. The stairs are noisy as they are covered in plastic however and must be watched out for and certainly not quick to ascend or descend as a result. Might be a location more suited to slippers!

Anyway the point of these posts is the images so I'll keep this intro part brief.

The Sixty sign hanging on both cranes.

The view from the street level.

Taken on the roof, a view in one direction including OXO tower.


Taken from the crane a great panoramic view of the London skyline including St Pauls and the Gherkin.


A view down to the street level

I hope you enjoyied my report and don't mind the lack of narative, I'm not a natural words person but luckily I don't need to be when the pics say all I want to say anyway.

If you interested in what the building will look like completed, theres a pretty interesting promotional video on the developers website viewable here.

Hope you enjoyed,




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