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Report - - Skipsea ROC Post 21 - Restoration - Jan 09' | ROC Posts |

Report - Skipsea ROC Post 21 - Restoration - Jan 09'

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Ive been pretty quiet on the urbex front for a while. This is partly due to my laptop breaking and the spare being unable to dock with my camera.

The other main reason is that myself and rebel have been busy restoring skipsea roc post from a wreck into something we hope will be able to be open to the public some day. The owner is a brilliant guy and owns the icecream parlour, farm and caravan field adjacent.

The collection i have has cost me quite a lot of money to get hold of (the air raid siren was £147 inc P+P). Consequently i need to make it publically known that NOTHING IS STORED IN IT WHEN IT IS NOT IN USE

Pics by Squasher/mickeylove.




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