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Report - Slaley ROC post - Northumberland Group-

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the loon

Took my lass out on her first ROC post visit today to a post I had seen listed on subbrit which is only about 10 miles from me back door.

Got there parked up and headed off across the fields. With the help of subbrit directions found the post easily enough.
Was expecting it to be locked down but found that hatch lock had been partialy cut around at some point


managed to get the hatch open no problem.Hatch wasnt actually locked but had to use a convieniant scaffold pole that had been left next to the entrace to prop it open


Counterweight has become detached.
Sump was bone dry ....good thing too as the pump has seased solid.

I went in first with me lass bringing up the rear which was a small personal victory for her as she hates ladders and heights.

General condition was mint but the paperwork was priety much all over the place so spent 10 minutes sorting it out and having a general tidy up




Found the visitors book with last offical listed visit down as 26/06/1984 when someone had been in to check electrics and communication lines etc
Did have a pic of this but it was rather pants

Alot of the original fixtures etc still seem to be inplace but since subbrit have been in the tele-talk has gone along with maps from the walls




By this time it wa sgetting a bit late so decided to get the obligitary toilet shot ...


....and head off.

did notice a few minor signs of chavery - some shitty graffiti and someone has pulled off some of the poly tile from the wall


- but nothing as bad as what you get in some

Closed up and made our way back home :thumb
The good news lass was really impressed and now looks like we are going out with saxofills tomorrow :D