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Report - - Sleaford Maltings - Lincolnshire - 20.05.08 | Industrial Sites |

Report - Sleaford Maltings - Lincolnshire - 20.05.08

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Visit a few weeks back with Dweeb, Sixx, Madmax and Squirrell911.

A brief history courtesy of ""...

The Maltings is a Grade II* listed complex built between 1901 and 1907 that consists of nine parallel ranges.
The central block with its engine house and water tower is flanked by six-storey malthouses on either side containing the Steeps, Kilns and Granaries. It has a total floor space of 500,000 square feet, and occupies a site of 13.3 acres with a frontage almost 1,000 ft long. Internally there is a substantial amount of surviving machinery and fittings relating to the maltings process.

Associated with the main maltings buildings are the former Mess Rooms. In separate ownership are also the former Company Housing, Cart Shed, Stables, Weigh Office and other ancillary buildings.

The building overlooks open countryside but it is physically very close to the centre of Sleaford, separated only by the railway line.

Maltings operations ceased in 1959 and the buildings were subsequently used for poultry farming and vegetable processing. They are now all empty.

An application in 1982 to demolish the Maltings was refused at appeal in 1984.

In recent years, Sleaford has experienced an increasing population and an improving economy, and this has opened up a wide range of opportunities for potential uses for the Maltings.

This place is EPIC. The way it looks as a whole complex defy's belief, its just so big and impressive. Not much remains inside and some parts are gutted by fire.











turk ;)

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