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Report - - Smallmead Stadium (Reading Racers speedway/greyhound track), Reading - 31/01/2009 | Leisure Sites |

Report - Smallmead Stadium (Reading Racers speedway/greyhound track), Reading - 31/01/2009

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Explored with Garfunkel.

Not a lot to say about this place really. Smallmead Stadium was always a bit out of the way, but many people made the journey to the Stadium to watch the racing going on every week until it closed on 19th October last year. Smallmead was the home to Reading Racers speedway, and had been since 1975. However, economic trouble meant that the site had to be closed. There are plans for a new speedway and greyhound track to be built in its place, including a casino, but nothing much is going on at the moment. BBC article link: BBC NEWS | England | Berkshire | Fears over Reading speedway plan

It's a rather depressing explore, to say the least. Lots of original speedway and greyhound-related items left, including some mint copies 1990 copies of Speedway Mail International... they'll be worth something one day! As expected, the chavs have been there before us, but it's not too bad. The broken windows are pretty much guaranteed, but there's plenty of stuff still left.

By the way, the plumbing's all still working - we have the videos to prove it. :gay








I know Garfunkel got some pretty good shots but I'll leave them for him to upload and whatever when this gets approved.