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Report - South Flank Casemates 22/09/2010


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Right this was our third and we had decided last attempt in the dark to find the entrance,google earth images look nothing like they do in the dark in real life,this we have discovered last 2 nights in the rain,So with unclebulgaria and this time joined by nitewalker and tony we set off intent on getting in and attempting that pipe,found our entrance which wasnt the one previously suggested but the one we found last week just as the rain drove us back.So from there we struggled along the moat until we found the entrance,after a stroll round the south section we started our way thru the chalk section to go look at the pipe..first man thru shouted back just how wet and nasty the clay was getting took a quick shot of the very wet pipe and suggested to leave that for another trip ..so as it was late and to be honest we where happy to have actually found our way into the south flank we turned back.Finding the easier more obvious route out and came home a bit worse for wear with the brambles and thorns ..but happy we did it :)
During a new fear of invasion from Napoleon III two new dry moats where added to the existing citadel defences. The northern and the southern moat both had their own casemates built. Between these there was also a defensive caponier built, but sadly this was filled in during the 1960's by the Dover Corporation and they gradually destroyed many parts of the Western Heights.
The southern casemates are a lot larger than the northern casemates, with eight separate rooms whereas the northern casemates only had six.
Right on with the pics














I know a few are similar shots just slightly different angles..towards the end of the pics i took i must have knocked my focus out..anyways glad to have done it..will get round to squeezing through the chal passage to face the pipe know i know where im going ;)

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