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Report - South Kirkby Colliery, South Yorkshire 1975


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Situated south of Wakefield, in the heart of the Yorkshire Coalfield, South Kirkby Colliery was sunk in 1881, with the sole aim of tapping the Barnsley Bed seam which was the best steam coal in Yorkshire. Several workable seams were struck on the way down to it, but ignored. Production between the wars averaged two million tons annually, the shafts being deepened to tap further seams. After Nationalisation, the NCB bored Riddings Drift on the same site, to mine the shallower seams and both operations were still going in 1975, when the last 0-4-0 steam engine built by the Yorkshire Engine Company was put up for tender.
The form gave you entry to the colliery, but the engine was marooned in the shed by a wheel less diesel in front! The successful tenderer was a scrap merchant, but he could not get it out to burn it up, so eventually the sale was voided. Later on that year, it was re-tendered and this time it was saved for preservation and exists at th Embsay and Bolton Abbey Steam Railway.
As for the collliery, it closed in 1988 and was obliterated!


Inside the loco shed, with the diesel wheels and a Hunslet steam engine


Behind the shed was junk and the remains of a loco


Nearby, a locomotive boiler was being cut up


After re-tendering, the Hunslet was pulled outside


Then the Yorkshire tasted its first fresh air for months!


Positioned for loading


Temporary rails were laid and packed, then the loco was hand winched! on to the low loader




And off to the Yorkshire Dales!


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Did they put it up for sale as a way of trying to preserve it? I'd have thought the pit fitters would have just taken the gas axe to it if it was surplus.
I bet there was some epic in that shed!

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