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Report - South Point/Ambassador House, Leeds - 2018


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I live pretty close to South Point aka Ambassador house, and never even tried to get in. I didn't think I'd be able to! It was super easy, which is nice for my 2nd proper site!

Ambassador House, or South Point, just off the A61 Flyover. This was the home of the Leeds City Council’s Environmental Health Services, before it was left in 2008. 10 years later and it's in a dire state. Absolutely nothing there. Apparently, AQL wanted to buy it out to be turned into some sort of data centre, but it still lies completely abandoned. I've not got any pictures of the outside as I just wanted to be in-and-out as I was by myself. Freaky wasn't the word! Still finding my feet, probably shouldnt have done it on my own but I'm here to tell the tale, and show you some pictures!



Will be going back in daylight hours so I can see the bottom floor/access to the basement/roof properly. Could hardly see - should probably take torches anywhere in the case of impromptu explores! And take my urbex buddy with me. He'd have loved it here!

More next time

Espiix x
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Thanks for the report.
Surprised its still there. Thought they'd have demolished it and put units there.


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every time iam in leeds i think i drive past it at some point but never got round to stopping and having a look

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