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Report - Spiller's Mill, Hull

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It's not even funny how much I have longed to get in here. The building is actually amazing, and the pics dont really do it justice, you have to see it for real. I think the area it is in adds to the feel of the building, as it is very unchanged. The mill sits proud over the banks of the river Hull, and is easily one of the tallest buildings in Hull.

So anyway like I have already said in another post the lock was open and I could not believe my luck... I was in!! Took in some of the shop floors and the labratory, with it's ancient tin lined sinks and oak benches. All the floors are riddled with holes that once had belts passing between floors... It must have been some sight in it's heyday.

Anyway saw that guy and had to decide if to go on to the roof or get out, and as I had a big night out plannned, I decided I did not want any shit so I got out... only to see the door get locked tight about 2 mins later!!

This place is easily as good as Millennium mills inside, and believe me I WILL get in again...










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