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Report - Spur Tunnel. Dover


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28DL Full Member
The Spur tunnel runs from Dover castle, under the Dover to Deal road and on to below the Dover to Guston road it is believed that it was dug to mine the above roads but it is not known when it was completed. Visited earlier this year.
Once we were in we headed for the far end of the tunnel. I paced this out at 230 'yards'...ish
It's back-filled at the end but as you can see in the above plan, it heads off left to the bottom of a 15ft well.

This second level looks like a fork with five prongs. The four outer ones being 20 yards long but the middle one is much shorted and leads to another well. This one is brick-lined and not as high as the previous one. This level is a mirror of the lower one but with one less (and shorter) 'prongs' and a few brick reinforced parts. Another well leads up to the highest level.
The long vertical shafts in the plan are back filled and inaccessible: The upper parts are filled with earth and not chalk. Here's some pics.


The long main tunnel:

The well to the second level:

At the top looking forward to the next brick lined well.


Looking up the second well. to level three:

Looking across the third level.


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