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Report - - St Ebba's Hospital, Epsom. 30/10/07 | Asylums and Hospitals |

Report - St Ebba's Hospital, Epsom. 30/10/07

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Late last night Hoolio sent me a pm about him being off work for the day and that he wanted to go exploring! And I a unemployed dossabouter jumped at the chance!. So after a bit of umming and arring about where to go, we settled for St Ebba's. I met Hoolio at about 10:30 ish and we set off towards the M25 and in about an hour and a million cigarettes(Hoolio not me!) we were just outside of the grounds of St Ebba's. We set off with the details that Rooks had told us.. and within about 10 minutes we were lost. Hiding behind a random large building Hoolio rang Rookinella for some vital info a short while later we were in!. A short wander led us to the main hall and i was so impressed! Although it was very pigeony with crap everywhere!.. It had alot of nice things to photograph, along with alot of Christian references presumerably because it doubled up as a chapel. A bit of photographing later and we were off to the next rooms, Where i nearly went completely over when I slipped on a mossy wet patch on the floor!!:eek: Moving on.. Although still very startled we moved onto Jessie's restaurant, the bank and a few other bits and pieces.

After some more photos, a good play with light painting and a bit of skulduggery we were in Admin!. Ive never been into a hospital before and had never realised the attraction of the Admin building until today! They are amazing! So many medical records just lying about!
Moving round the rooms taking in the medical records and in one a mass of architect drawings, Hoolio proceeded to find the most disturbing medical record EVER!!:eek::eek::(
Heading upstairs where there were wards we took a few photos and decided we were to call it a day. (where I realised I had gone and lost Hoolio's maglite somewhere in Admin, After a search we found the maglite and left Admin. A few minutes later the 2 security men appeared and promptly let us go again!. (Greatest security ever!)

So on with the photos!..

Main Hall stage












And I'll leave you with the scankiest OHP I have ever come across!


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