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Report - - St Georges, Stafford - 09/09/06 | Asylums and Hospitals |

Report - St Georges, Stafford - 09/09/06

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Oxygen Thief

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Visited with Stokeblokesteve, Louieboy, Stokie Gaz.

Access was different but not too bad. We headed to the water tower to get that out of the way first, it's always a good one climbing through that tube. Not too pigeony as well. Then, back to the main hall, all the ladders and boards have been removed from the scaffolding. saw the caged stairwell, chapel, some of the better corridors, then had to get stokie gaz out of there so he could go to work. We carried on and explored a bit more, took a look at the pharmacy, took in some architectural details, the projector room. Then we remembered about our car park tickets expiring and to get out of there.

Here's some pictures...





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The Professional

Re: St Georges, Stafford - 09/09/06 - REPORT

Yeah enjoyed the visit this morning, although would liked to have stayed longer (after a brisk run up the M6 i was only ten minutes late lol). Looking forward to a return visit :D .

My photos turned out a little crap. A combination of being shit with a camera, having a shit camera, and having sea salt over the lense from my holiday.:(