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Report - St Johns Asylum -- Lincoln -- November 2013


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Visited with Burb147 and Lostexplorer.

I am really happy to have finally popped my Asylum cherry:) I think this building is beautiful although it is pretty much stripped out and is mostly now empty rooms with traces of old wallpaper and peely paint.

We spent a lot of time here just taking in the atmosphere and exploring wherever we could get to; sadly getting to the base of the water tower did defeat us on this explore in spite of trying for it :(

I was trying a new setting out on my camera; most annoyingly I am not overly happy with my shots from this explore, however will be sharing some of them anyway.

While I was looking for the history of the building I came across a very interesting Youtube video; this contains the history and some accounts from staff who worked here. St John's Hospital, Lincoln. A History - YouTube this video also contains exterior shots :)

At present there are building works taking place; I believe this is to convert St Johns into housing, it is still in very early stages of redevelopment. I am please that this listed building is going to be used and not just left to rot, I hope the conversion is done tastefully so original features are preserved for others to enjoy.

A brief history for those who do not wish to watch the video:

-- St Johns was built in 1852 and was originally known as The Lincolnshire County Paupers Lunatic Asylum; it was set in 128 acres of land and had it's own farm and doctors housing, this housing has since been a children's home and is now a pub.

-- Originally St Johns was home to 438 patients, in the early days ECT and Lobotomies were performed here and patients were treated more like prisoners.

-- After healthcare reforms the treatment of patients altered, the hospital was very much the centre of the local community, providing local jobs and having a number of sports teams.

-- As well as having its own farm, textiles and perfume boxes were also produced here by patients, they were encouraged to work if they were able.

-- This grade two listed building was closed in 1989 and has laid derelict ever since; although redevelopment work has recently started.
















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