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Report - Stade Grimonprez Jooris...Lille..Aug 09

stepping lightly

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This stadium holds a special place in my heart , as when I was 15 , my brother and I cycled around northern France in the school holidays and remember one night in Lille being lost about 1am in the morning looking for somewhere to camp and the only place we found was a football stadium with a gate open , so we camped on the pitch , only to be awoken by balls being kicked at the side of our tent....and a lode of irate Frenchmen who were none too amused....
I remember wrapping the tent up like a para shoot and peddling off to the sound of a gendarme siren , Eddy Merx wouldn't have caught us we were off --------------->
Fast forward 1000 years to 2009 A.D and me and North-star are slipping trough a gap in the fence to see if we could camp the night..


Talking of camp :gay

Them are some pretty dapper shoes..

Flippin heck you could graze cows on that field..

Looking at it off the World Stadiums web site..

It looks world class...

But now its derelict , with overgrown grass
(Pam Ayres) eat you heart out :eek:

We headed for the floodlights to see if
we could get a better view but the ladders
had been removed...

Now for the comedy moment..
As we squeezed back through the fence we were spotted and were chased , running like billy howe we were still being caught up to , so we decided to face the music , they just ran straight past us , it was 2 runners ( pretty good ones too , we had give it 100%)
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