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Report - - Stadium MK, Milton keynes 3/11/06 | Leisure Sites |

Report - Stadium MK, Milton keynes 3/11/06

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si o doom

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
So it had been a while since i had the chance to get out and do some good expolring, Friday rolled around and I had the night off, no work, no deadlines, nowhere to be............. Nearly nowhere to be............ One place was in my mind though...............

I grabbed my friend (who for some stupid reason still hasn't signed up here! :rolleyes: ) and we hit the road

As we headed to the site the fog was coming down fast, we had hoped that this may cover our entry ad make life easier, the 24 Monster sized supermarket next door assured us that this would not be the case.

We got in and headed straight to the main concourse that runs the whole circumfrence of the stadium and the first thing we noticed was the noise. When full of fans this place will be amazing, the acoustics were so good my shutter noise echoed around the stadium!!!! :eek:

Great night out this one, amazing place, great light for photos, a bit of cat and mouse with security and I have finally got the heaters working on my car! jobs a god 'un :D :thumb