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Report - - State Pathology Building, Belfast May 08 | Asylums and Hospitals |

Report - State Pathology Building, Belfast May 08

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Badass dare devil gangsta
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not really decay, not really an urbex - just a cheeky opportunity

Doing a little sideline work for a film crew, and ended up in a brand spanking new morgue, two weeks before it was handed over to the officals

enough waffle, on with the pics.


Its Northern Ireland, honest ! All very 'american'



Assistant Director, and Actor - as seen in the 'Homoside suite' from the viewing gallery


Only one slab in the homoside suite - but four bays in the 'ordinary suite'. No slabs, as the slabs are the stretchers/trays the bodies rest on in the fridges. they slide straight out of the fridge and strainght into a bay !


3 banks of fridges, 7 doors per bank, 4 bodies per fridge = a lot of corpses !


But one isnt a fridge - its a freezer !:eek:


All very clean and all very american !

Kenopsia NI

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Only replying ten years late... but interesting seeing the beginning of the life of a place like this as opposed to its end as normally covered!