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Report - - STATION 153 PARHAM (RAF Framlingham) 25/11/08 | Military Sites |

Report - STATION 153 PARHAM (RAF Framlingham) 25/11/08

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Me and Number7 visited today, great site a very worthwhile visit. There are many buildings left to find including the bomb dumps etc.
Framlingham Airfield was built in 1942 and was used by the United States Army Eighth Air Force, built as a heavy bomber field class A. There were three intersecting runways 2030, 1440 and 1430 yards, a perimeter track with 50 aircraft hardstands. Two T2 hangers, technical sites and nissen hut accomodation for 3,000 persons.
The 95th Bombardment Group (Heavy) arrived on the 12th May 1943from Rapid City AAF South Dakota. The 95th was assigned to the 35th Combat Bombardment Wing, and the group tail code was a "Square-B" its operational squadrons were: 334th Bomb Squadron (BG)
335th Bomb Squadron (OE)
336th Bomb Squadron (ET)
412th Bomb Squadron (QW)
The group flew B-17 Flying Fortresses and entered combat on 13th May 1943 attacking a Airfield at St Omer. After suffering disaterous losses in its day light attacks on the continent the 95th was transferred to nearby RAF Horham on the 15th June to re-group.

The 390th Bombardment Group (Heavy) arrived at Framlingham on the 4th July 1943 from Great Falls AAF Montana. The 390th was assigned to the 13th Combat Wing and the group tail code was a " Square-J" its operational squadrons were : 568th Bomb Squadron (BI)
569th Bomb Squadron (CC)
570th Bomb Squadron (DI)
571st Bomb Squadron (FC)
The group flew the B-17 Flying Fortress as part of the Eighths Air Forces Strategic Bombing Campaign, and operated cheifly against strategic objectives, flying many missions with the aid of Pathfinders. The 390th began combat on the 12th August 1943. Five days later the group attacked the Messerschmitt aircraft complex at Regensberg and received a Distinguished Unit Citation for the Mission. The 390th flew its last mission on the 20th April 1945. In over 300 missions, they dropped 19,000 tos of bombs. they lost 181 Aircraft and 714 Airmen were killed. the group also dropped food supplies to the Dutch during the week prior to VE day.
After the war, Framlingham became a clearing station for the rehabilitation of Polish Nationals before being abandoned and closed in late 1945.
In 1976, a project was undertaken to restore the derilict control tower,this had been shot up when the Americans held a riotous farewell party in August 1945. The tower was dedicated to the 390th Group on the 13th May1981 as a memorial, this has remained active and in contact with US veterans, relatives and friends. It is now a Museum.

Here are my photos, i have more if anyone is interested.

T2 Hanger


Memorial Plaque


Cinema, Gym and Chancel


Projection Room


Gym Urinal


Cinema and Gym


Officers Shower Block


Staff Block


Squash Court


Internal Lighting


Restored Control Tower etc