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Report - Steels Engineering Ltd, Sunderland, Feb 2011


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After much "googling" and asking of relatives who worked around the area I found not much in the way of information available for this site, apart from that it was opened in 1975 and also this snippet from Steels Engineering Services : -

Steels Engineering traces its origins back to 1879 when it was founded by Lancelot Steel in Sunderland. Once being, whilst under the stewardship of Sir James Steel, one of the largest industrial companies in the North East of England. In 1998, a management buy-out from German ownership led to the formation of Steel Group, SESL was registered the following year and SEDL in 2005.
Bonds was started in 1868, and carries the name of John Bond who held one of the first UK patents for Steel. Steel Group acquired the business and registered a new company in 2000.

Judging by some of the paperwork left scattered around, I could see entries for employees safety wear dating up to 2009.
For a factory that would appear only to have been closed for 2 years this place was certainly trashed beyond belief.

As well as the main factory, the site had two outbuildings, one of which looked to be a caretakers cottage.. or perhaps security... the other being an office and reception.
I spent over 3 hours in all, walking around the entire place, with various comical occurences including avoiding metal thieves, getting locked in a toilet after forgetting to wedge the door open, stumbling upon two squatters drinking cider on deckchairs, unintentionally scaring local kids who wandered in and also ducking under window ledges to avoid being spotted by a visit from the boys in blue. (I was hidden,
but forgot that my camera and tripod was still majestically towering in all its glory over the ledge...) and after 20 mins of cramped sitting, cigarette smoking, keeping Sedmonston (another new 28DL member) updated of my predicament in various texts and partaking in a solitary game of "I spy" ... which didnt seem to really work out somehow on my own...I was able to continue my afternoon's walkabout.

I was glad I chose daytime to wander around, since my visit was almost cut short in that i nearly fell through a 4 foot hole in the ground and was almost impaled by one of the many metal spikes protuding from walls and hanging off ceilings. If anyone does decide to pay this site a visit, I would seriously recommend the daytime, due to various hazards such as those.

Not the most picturesque of explores, since almost everything that could be taken was taken with it being a wide open site, and for a derelict property it was certainly "busy", but all in all I found it a very fun way to spend a rainy sunday afternoon.

I can imagine that this site wouldnt interest a lot of people here, as you can literally just walk into the place and it is practically emptied, but for me it was a very interesting look around a local factory which was opened, actively working, busy and closed all in my lifetime.

I do apologise in advance for photo resizing and basic quality of photos... I was always first an explorer, and then secondly an amateur photographer.

The view of the site as you come over the hill

Inside the factory



Had to take this shot :)



Now, through the back corridors and out to the two out buildings



Caretakers cottage / Security Building





Into the other outbuilding..office and reception




Obligatory "Lonely Chair" shot :)







And there we are... hope you enjoyed your tour :)



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