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Report - Stoke-On-Trent College, Cauldon Campus - August 2019


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Decided to pass by this place with @Nikonlover and @flasher while we were in the area. This place has been documented a fair bit recently. As mentioned in previous reports, the place is pretty trashed with some sections showing fire damage. As well as evidence of homeless people living on the site. But we didn't encounter anyone during our visit.

Couldn't believe how close the old site is to the new one. Posh new looking building stood right next to a complete eyesore.

We also came across a door which lead to a tunnel for cables and pipes.

Phillip Schofield and after us standing there going "Oh, whats his name now..." for a few moments, Dynamo.

The tunnel we came across. We didn't venture far in though. The further you go down the more narrower it gets.

Thanks for looking!


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28DL Full Member
Good to see this one again, I quite enjoyed it here.
Thank you!

For somewhere that only closed about 2015 from dates left on whiteboards we saw. I'm amazed at how absolutely wrecked it was. One room also had a crack (about an inch wide) running along the floor and up the walls. You could see daylight.

There was another fire at the place earlier this week and we reckon it's the room which is the 5th picture in my report. As it still smelt of smoke (The other burnt out bits didn't) and as you can see the large puddle of water still there from being put out.

Finding that tunnel was quite cool. I don't know if anyone else has found it as I haven't seen it in any other reports.

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