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Report - - Stoke Orchard ROC Post - Gloucesterhire 20-11-08 | ROC Posts |

Report - Stoke Orchard ROC Post - Gloucesterhire 20-11-08

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Had a chance of a dinner break today so went on a quick scouting mission for a few local sites i had heard about and want to visit soon when more prepared and time allows but still had my phone on me for some quick pics

Having never been to an ROC post before i was unsure what to expect in all honesty and research on the net stated it was demolished :(

Probably a known and listed fact but it lies in the grass between the railway line and the road to the local council tip/recycling centre which in daylight is a busy road - 5 lorries came past and 2 trains and i was only there 5 mins

some quick pics here -

the smaller tower is indeed smashed up - along with the tube in the centre but the main entrance is still covered with a bolted down lid that appears to be unlocked but will need some leverage for access so i will update later when i get back.

interestingly on the return right in the corner under the main road bridge i spotted a bunker type building, fully open front with the doorways at each end landfilled in and appears to be just 2 banks of open windows with no purpose.

I'm guessing as it is modern looking brick and the area has always had a clay shooting club that it might be an old launch pit for clay pidgeons but the road through the area has been there 30 years i know of for sure

see what you reckon at the pics / sorry about the quality as they were taken on my phone but i promise i will be back soon for a proper rummage about so will update accordingly

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