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Report - Stone Cross Mansion - Ulverston - January 2011


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Stone Cross Manor House - Ulverston - January 2011

Visited with Slowjay, Host & Oldskool :cool:

Manor house is manor house. Grandeur in many aspects, stripped in just as many. Primary focus was the main hall, which was used as a football court for the previous pupils / occupants. Sorry about HDR, hopefully not too much (only externals) :thumb

Wilfred Burton Rowley Kennedy was one of fifteen children of Myles Kennedy and Margaret Rowley, in Ulverston, Cumbria. Myles was the owner of several iron mines in the area and lived in a large stone mansion and a tower with a panoramic view of Morecambe Bay and the Lake Mountains. The building was called "Stone Cross" from an ancient stone cross which stood near the site. Wilfred was born on the 8th July 1863 and was educated at Cheltenham and Trinity College, Cambridge. He served as a lieutenant with a local military Regiment, the 4th Battalion, Royal Lancaster Regiment.

It was Myles who built Stone Cross after making an unsuccessful bid for Conishead Priory. Col. Bradyll wanted £35,000, but Myles would offer no more than £30,000. Both were stubborn men and neither would give in. In the end Myles decided to build Stone Cross and had spent more than £35,000 before the first floor was completed. The main building, built of white limestone with Hexam freestone dressing, was established in 1874. The final bill, when it was presented in 1880, was a colossal £44,872 - 2s. - 2d.

The Kennedy family was living at Stone Cross to about 1950. The mansions more recently use has been as a special school owned by Lancashire County Council. In the main hall a beautiful oak staircase was demolished in order to facilitate the playing of indoor football. In the early 1980's the mansion and the estate had been acquired by a group of London businessmen. They wanted to make a 50 room "first class" hotel.

In recent years (1986 - 2002) Stone Cross Mansion was the head office of local company Marl International. Marl spent hundreds of thousands of pounds on the building, slowly restoring it and also bringing historic items back to the house.

In 2004 the building was put to fire and decimated by vandals. At the present moment there is a big dispute about its ownership and also if when sold what Its Future Use Will Be.

The Present Owners Persimmon Homes Wants to Convert Stone Cross into 20 Luxury Apartments with Another 20 to 25 Mews Style' Homes in the Grounds.











Sunrise on the rooftop was a nice way to wake up :)





Cheers :thumb

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