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Report - Stone House Asylum, Kent- April 12

Urban Ghost

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To be completely honest I wasn't going to post this as it was THE WORST explore I have been on but I suppose it documents the transformation of the site.

The day went like this:

Got up late and almost missed my ride down there, made worse by the fact it was absolutely miserable outside.

As I was tagging along with someone else I hadn't done much research on the place which is unusual for me as I like to know about where I am going. All I had seen was a few emailed links from old reports but it looked pretty promising and I had been assured that there was a plan for access.

Straight away on arrival my heart sank, all I could see was scaffolding and general building site stuff. Big chunks of the building had been reduced to rubble and the mud look pretty deep. :(

Inside wasn't much better, walls had been pulled down, site lights put up and there was an ominous hum from the transformers dotted about.

We wandered about for an hour trying to salvage something from the trip when all of a sudden there were voices in the corridor behind us. That was it, we were off! We came out the back of the building just as a guy was opening the gate to let a van in and we strolled out trying not to look too suspicious.

We walked back round to the front to grab a few external shots before we left and just as we were finishing we met the worlds most agressive builder.

I was just taking the last couple of shots when I hear a very loud voice say 'what are they doing, shall I kick them out?'. He comes stomping over and says to me 'what are you doing?', I was polite and answered just taking some pictures of the church. This seem to enrage our new found friend and he starts shout 'no need to be sarcastic, this is a private site!'. He starts f'ing and blinding at me, threating me and generally being abusive. I some how managed to stay calm and polite though all this, it topped of the day perfectly so we just got in the car and left.

Anyway, here is what little I got from the day, photography isn't great as I had kind of given up before I started!















And of course it wouldn't be complete with out a shot of Mr. Nice himself. :wanker


Thanks for looking...

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