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Report - Stone House Hospital - Kent - 10/4/09


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Sorry for the multiple reports but this really was an awsome explore from our point of view so it warrents it!

Ive been to look at stone 4 or 5 times over the last few years, its almost a 'local' site to me so its allways bugged me slightly that id never had any success there. First few times security was very tight. Dogs on site, security based in the front of admin, CCTV, not good! A year or so ago something changed, plalisade fence went up and a new cabin appeared out front. Now you would think the addition of a fence would make it harder but in reality i think it got easier, security get complacent! That said, this was no walk in access job. Back last October me and rooks put in a hard mornings work looking for an entry point before being spotted by a neighbour at the last moment rendering our 3 hours and early start a bit of a waste! Shortly after some things happened and we never got a chance to go back and finish the job... untill yesterday!

This time we were joined by expert 'difficult asylum' explorer Rigsby (Graylingwell and Lancaster Moor team reunited :rolleyes:) leaving the house of Flounce a bit late me and rooks did the shortish trip up to stone in record time and knowing where to go allready we were in fairly quickly. Very cautious at first, on the watch for PIR's. A select few have been in before but you never know if things have changed or if they are indeed lying! :p

Before we knew it we were in Hall 1. After a bit of poking about we relised this used the have a stage in the same vein as
Hall 2 but the stage had been converted to a kitchen and the hall would have been used as the dining hall in later years.




(false celing above the kitchens)​

Now this was a pretty good start, rumor had it this place was 'bare' 'stripped' even 'shit' etc. We were allready beggining to relise this was a bit of an exageration. Taking the stairs up our preconceptions were smashed! Hall 2 was stunning,the vaulted ceiling gives it much more atmosphere, it really is like a castle. Baby grands are never bad either! Stripped? not 100% by any means.




Proceeding through the rest of the wards a simlar theme continued, very nice architecture, slightly modernised but keeping almost all of the original features on the top floors. A few things laying about to keep it interesting. The place is still in very good condition, after all it only closed 3 years ago and has been under lock and key the whole time.







With most of the hospital done our thoughts turn skywards.... well thats a lie attulay we had been talking about it all day! The mysterious tower with no entrance. For those not familar back in the day, even before this site was in existance the big 'thing' in the exploring world was getting up asylum watertowers and clock towers first (see Hellingly, Severalls, High Royds etc. or talk to dweeb for more then 5mins :rolleyes:). Stone was quite late on the scene but none the less people talked about it. A few people managed to get in to the hospital in the early days but each returned saying there was no way in. Cue us 3 rocking up in 2009 and the scene is pretty much the same. Searching on all 3 floors (and the roof) reveiled nothing, not even a hint of an entrance! We had almost given up rendering it 'decritive only' when wandering around in another part of the hospital we find some stairs down into a very live looking basement with not nice warning signs and a faint humm. I recognised it within seconds, the same humm as the base of chester lead shot tower, phone transmitter humm!! We press on towards the noise untill success, we're inside! The mother of all ladders 'british extracting style' leads up an empty shaft, it did cross my mind as to wether it was attulay a chimney but im not so sure now, there are some holes which looked like they could once have been for floor joists but nothing substatial, so who knows, maybe its allways been just for show? after an epic climb that was so much longer than it looked we reached the top (rigsby following me up in about a 10th of the time!) I think i may be sterile now but at least we had fun! To be fair the warning sign just said 'obay all further warning signs' to which there were none so hopefully in im the clear!






So after the excitment of the tower we were left with the industrial side of the hospital. Probably the most intact part with quite alot left laying around. A foray into the tunnel network in search of the chapel was a bit fruitless, but hey we didnt put that much effot in so it may well be there. Then again maybe i should be claiming it doesnt exist?




And thats about it, in and out without hassle for once! 2009 appears the be hotting up nicely!


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