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Report - - Stoopatron, Sheffield - Aug 08 | UK Draining Forum |

Report - Stoopatron, Sheffield - Aug 08

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28DL Full Member
Stoopatron, Sheffield. It's a 1km culvert of the Meersbrook watercourse, a tributary of the River Sheaf. The downstream section is a classic Northern mishmash of bricks, stone and hidden bridges. Very nice, this is what I was hoping to see!

Unfortunately this ends in a concrete chamber after only 100m or so, giving way to a stoopy 4ft concrete box. A foggy pipe entering from the side reveals the source of the freshness. Upstream from here the air was much clearer.

A noise ahead drew me onwards, I soon arrived at a nice double staircase, each set having about 6-7 steps. The tunnel opened up to a more reasonable 6ft for a short while, but this only lasted another 50m before it went back to the somewhat backbreaking 4ft, which goes on, and on, and on...

I was just gonna turn back, but I thought of how unimpressed DDT would be so I pushed on, passing a few more sets of steps, then finally hitting a much more satisfactory 6ft rcp.

Again, this only lasted a short while, but thankfully the tunnel then opened up into a nice 7ft brick arch.

Again, disappointing, the good stuff only lasted 50m or so before I reached the infall. This not only turned out to be in somebody's back garden, but following the brook upstream there just didn't seem to be any way out other than to go through somebody's house, so I had to endure the stoop back too.

Overall a reasonable length, and there's a bit to see, but it's 4ft for 90% of the way. Forgot my tripod and didn't have any lights with me so the pics are a bit random and rushed.