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Report - Stracathro Hospital, Angus

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After eating at one of the most epic roadside cafes I have ever been in, Myself Raddog and OT went to check out this place after a chat with the cafe's owner... "yeah most of the hospital and the manor house are disused now" had been music to our ears during our meal...

The hospital had been built in wartime in the grounds of a country house, itself still standing, but has been put to other uses. The hospital was very typical of it's age, and had many rooms filled with various hospital junk, along with furniture, beds, mop buckets and god knows what else!

By far the main event was the 'iron lung'. Really the stuff of cartoons and museums, I really enloyed both photographing and messing with it! Like the padded cell at WP, I doubt another one of these will ever turn up. I got inside the lung and it was horrible, very caustrophobic even without the rubber seal around my neck. Toilet and stretching logistics baffel me with this thing too:confused. I know this might not be the most PC statement to make, but as always stuff used on people that are not very well at all was epic!








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And finally, an ad in a book we found for everybody's fav padded cell makers!
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