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Suggestions for Cumbria and Nottingham?


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28DL Member
I've been doing some travelling about lately since there is not much around Middlesbrough, I'm heading back to Cumbria next week and wondering if anybody knows of some places around there, I've tried doing a bit of searching around but still not got much, also in April il be at Nottingham for a few days if anybody has any ideas or even if you feel like coming along would be great, anything is helpful, thank you! :Not Worthy


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Was you walking round Middlesbrough with your eyes closed? All sorts there


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28DL Full Member
I'm finding i'm having to travel out of Cumbria to explore these days. There is plenty of good mines about and a few decent urbex spots but there's not too much here. I'm gonna put a few reports up soon so keep your eye's peeled for some local stuff :) feel free to PM me if you want a few pointers. (I'm based in Carlisle).

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