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Report - - Surrender Lead Smelt Mill & Bunting Mine - N Yorks | Mines and Quarries |

Report - Surrender Lead Smelt Mill & Bunting Mine - N Yorks

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Stretching the limits of what is of interest here. But seeing as I went there I may as well post pictures up. And there is one tunnel that might deserve further intrusion.

This was sought out after guidance from a mountain biking vegetarian that I know and it has some merits, but maybe more of the archaeological than urban industrial. Still, there must have been a hell of lot of people working in this barren wasteland at some point, but a long time ago that is.

Oh well, here goes with Surrender Lead Smelt flue. It runs all the way up the side of the hill but most of it's collapsed. Has an underground feel though.

Same flue and it's still clean and fairly bright, so I couldn't even get a decent silhouette out of it.

About 5k over the top of the hill - & it is a big hill - Old Gang mines have some dangerous looking shafts that are still open. This was about 30 to 60 meters deep, but I don't judge such a thing very well, and the gale that was blowing was threatening to put me in there. I stayed well back but there was a load of rubbish, lots of white sheets of paper strangely, visible at the bottom. I don't think it's worth anything apart from a bit of a scare for someone like me.

Gang Mine tip is a desolate place but there's still the odd bit of machinery around. The stone crusher could only have been steam powered but it could well have come from one of the old water wheel houses lower down.

Someone'd pay money for this and stick it in the garden to put shrubs in, but I wasn't gonna drag it out.

More shafts down at Gunnerside Gill. I know virtually nothing about mines, so whether that cast iron tube was put in there or the shaft was meant for it, I don't know. Did I climb down it? No.

Ah, this looks better. Surely it can't be too long in there though. Surely it's too old to still be intact in there.

Call me a sissy if you want but that water was a foot deep once you get 50 meters in and the floor seems to be sinking away and getting deeper. I had a long long way to go back over the hill top and I did not want to do it with soaking wet feet. Plus, I was on my on my own and good sense prevailed. Partnered and wellied up though, this may well be worth a return.

I actually could'nt see this far in. But I got this with the camera zoomed at 70mm & set to 10 seconds with the ISO up as high as it could go, something is in there further up. Most likely a collapse or a blockage but maybe something else. Apologies for the camera shake but trying to hold a mini tripod against the wall for 10 seconds when you're balancing on wobbly rocks is a bit of an effort.

Another lead smelting mill and at least some semblance of industrial existence. Quite what the simplex vibrator was for though, I'm not sure. It seems a bit excessive if it was just for shaking the ash out of the fire.


Well, the hat was still in the picture, but only just.