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28DL and UE in the News - Surrey and Hants Star, 10/12/06 | 28DL and Urban Exploring in the News... |

28DL and UE in the News Surrey and Hants Star, 10/12/06

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Reported by Clayderman (good enough anyway)...

10 December 2006

Recently, Robins Cinema in London Road, Camberley which is not in use was gutted.

The Urban Exploration Forums website, which publishes reports from people who explore abandoned buildings, carried a photograph of its interior the day before the fire.

People, who use the pseudonyms Mark R, Clayderman and Turkey, are asked to come forward by Surrey Police as they may have valuable information as witnesses. The police are not treating them as arson suspects.

After the fire, the cinema is unsafe hence the group and other members of the public are warned by the police not to venture inside it.

A statement told the enthusiasts: “Please do not make any attempts to enter the building. As a result of the fire it is structurally insecure and as such is very dangerous.â€Â

Several people using the internet forum commented after the fire about their sadness caused by the blaze.

Using the name ‘jr28uk’, one person said: “Really sad news, I remember going here as a kid in the 80s when I lived near Camberley and have fond memories of the place.

The person also said: “Seeing the pictures on here over the past few weeks showed how much of the place was still intact.

The person added: “Much of that area of Camberley has been bulldozed and after last night the Cinema will probably join themâ€Â.

During the exploration of the cinema, the three persons found a fire hose had been turned on. They shut it off because it was flooding the old snooker hall in the building and even the street outside.

Several hours were taken by sixty firefighters from as far away as West Sussex to bring the blaze under control.

A man living nearby who returned from a run saw smoke coming out of the roof and he raised the alarm shortly after 6pm.

Until around 11pm, residents were evacuated from their homes to the nearby Territorial Army Centre.

The police is to be contacted on 0845 125 2222 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111 by anyone with information on the fire.
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