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Report - Sutton Heavy Anti Aircraft Battery H18 Runcorn Sept 2010

El Supremo

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History shamelessly copied from English Heritage website @ http://www.pastscape.org.uk/
Heavy anti-aircraft battery Sutton Station H18 (alternatively known as Heavy Anti Aircraft Battery Mersey T). This was created in February 1940 to protect the Weaver and Manchester Ship Canal. It mounted four static 3.7" guns, GL Mk II radar, had a command post, garages and billeting, although evidence of the latter has not survived. Manned by Home Guard. Scheduled, National Number 33857.(2)









Site obviously still used as stabling for nearby farm or as smallholding in its own right, unsure if caravans to rear are occupied. Apparently farmer has had horses stolen in past! Didn't get chance for good look round as "bottled it" when realised barking dog (from farm to East) was getting closer. Beat an undignified retreat on my trusty pushbike to delight of Mrs El who has took the piss no end particularly as tried to leave half my scrotum on barbed wire. Cue "slavering Chihuahuas", "release the hounds Smithers", and even my chimps creeping up on me "woof" :eek:

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