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To start with ... Sometimes the doors is not open, but rather well locked, and I'm not a person that breaks into plants, then the backup plan is to borrow a key, which I could do this time. The plant is largely untouched since many years, and is not used to anything for many years, so I hope that a report can still be interesting. (?)

As usual, sorry for bad English :eek:

More and bigger photos HERE: http://www.benkar.se/glomdarum/galleri/Civilforsvar-Totalforsvar/Kombinerad-HC-LFC-Riksbanksberg/

1930-1939 was a turbulent time in Europe, the sound and the voices of boot trampling from Germany rose for every year that passed, and after 1-3 September 1939 Sweden was faced with a fait accompli, 2nd World War had broken out ....

Sweden had at that time a large amount of heavy industry, from mining, through the glass works and engineering, to various forms of steel / steel mill, and a well-developed infrastructure as it came to the railway. In the late 1930s there was a feverish activity, in case an attack by Germany was to protect and save what could be saved, not least the country's wealth in the form of gold exchange, securities and also regalia ... , -)

Shortly before the second world war broke out, so chose this city, somewhere in the southern half of Sweden, that like many other cities to build a protected management site for air protection, combined with LC (Central Command) for Civil Defence. The plant was completed 1940th In time, Civil Defence, more sophisticated, and the facility was a few years later rather than "the HC (Main-Central).

Air Protection was an important part of Civil Defence. Air cover was largely based on optical observations (note, record, collect, communicate) data were then introduced at a number of Air Protection Cental. This information is then forwarded promptly to both the military (Air Force / Air Defence) and the "Civil Defence" which could prepare for a city like this for a possible bombing attack by using air alert informing the city's population that it was time to seek shelter, and that after that, from the protected space, lead search and rescue and fire fighting works.

After the second world war was over so it was not so many years before the mountain actually played out its role as LC / HC and Air Protection Cental. They saw the threat from nuclear weapons as called for more protected installations. The city began already in the late 1950s, projects of a more modern (for its time) LC / HC for civil defense, but due to changing regulatory and other delays, it took until 1968 before the new facility was ready to be inaugurated , but that's another story ....

But ... let us return to the National Apple and other valuables ... The mountain in question did not hide the city's only LC / HC and Air Protection Cental ... There was also another part of the mountain, completed earlier, in 1939, at the initiative of the Bank of Sweden. And the data says that "in December 1939" so moved large parts of Sweden's gold reserves to the Bank part of this mountain, which is protected by heavy safe door. It is also said that later in the war during a period also kept Sweden's regalia (Erik XIV's crown, Erik XIV's scepter, Erik XIV's orb, Gustav Vasa's sword, Erik XIV's national key) in this mountain.

Over time, it seems that you mixed up the mountain LC / HC and Air Protection Cental-part of the Bank of Sweden, is safe doors and gates in each and every corner, and the data says that the Bank of Sweden had interests in the mountain till 1980 ...

Abstract. This is a mountain full of history, an almost unique combination of features!