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Report - Sweden - FRA Signal reconnaissance system/plant -Visit-2013 - Report April 2014


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Once again, a visit to the Swedish bedrock.. :D

FRA -Signal reconnaissance system/plant

Defence Radio Establishment (FRA -In Swedish: "Försvarets radioanstalt") is a Swedish civilian authority operating under the Ministry of Defence. One of FRA's two main tasks is to conduct signals intelligence. The mission from the Swedish government is in particular to identify serious threat to Swedish society, obtain data on foreign actions or intentions of significance for the Swedish foreign, security or defense policy, and also try to keep track of how other states scouts against Sweden .

Nowadays, it is for the FRA that, just as before to intercept radio traffic, but also to intercept and analyze traffic going via cable Sweden (internet traffic) FRA had, and still has, a number of sites across Sweden , and several of them should have been protected by rock and / or concrete.

But now back off the clock a few years. We are now in the southern part of Sweden, how many feet down in the Swedish bedrock is unclear, but the plant was built in 1957-1958, which is confirmed by the nameplates on the doors that say 1957. Indicates that the plant was built by the "Armed Guard Radio Establishment" A few years later, in 1962, the Authority received its present name, National Defence Radio Establishment - FRA.

At that time there was not as much internet, so it was at that time about "old school" , intercept radio traffic , analyze and come up with something useful information. How you heard , type of antennas, is certainly a secret even today , so I will not speculate, but along the emergency exit, it is thick with sturdy cable trays where it is said to have been many copper cables that have been linked to a variety of antennas.

The plant underground really feels like "1957" :) It is said that the plant was decommissioned in 1999, and it sounds reasonably well also. The Cold War was over, and to allow civilians to sit the whole day down in a 40 year old bunker was not quite OK... :coolio


More and bigger pictures HERE!














More and bigger pictures HERE!


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So glad its only 21 weeks until our trip to Sweden .... to see pretty things like this. Good work :thumb


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So glad its only 21 weeks until our trip to Sweden .... to see pretty things like this. Good work :thumb
The only problem with Sweden, is that Sweden is now probably one of the most well polished European countries. Here in Stockholm becomes the common people excited if they see a house facade with a small crack.... :gay

There has been a lot of nice ruins / abandoned places in Sweden, but now most of them is moved away gracefully, is almost impossible to find even an old scrap car in the woods.. :banghead

There are some caverns, underground facilities, and so on, but once they have been open for more than 23 hours, so someone come there and closes the entrance... crap country in terms of ruins / abandoned places, but in other respects, Sweden is a nice country live in... :thumb



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Very nice. Some lovely cold war era stuff in Sweden.