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Report - Swedish Cold War Reservekraftstations.


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The photos in this entry are proof, that using a FILM camera (something decent, of the mid 90's era, cos FACE it, you aint getting fuck knows where with a 30 year old Pentax, Canon, Praktika, Contax or Zenit), if you FUCK UP HARD and upon getting a 'DX error' absent-mindedly set the camera to '200 iso' while a roll of '200 iso' film is indeed in the camera, then FORGET to change it back to 'AUTO DX' upon inserting a roll of 100 iso, well, these photos are proof, that running a roll of 100 thru a camera that thinks its exposing for 200, isnt SO BAD.









Overexposure with films great latitude is ok. Underexposure... well, get back to that D90 you fucking noob!
Meantime, FILM lesson... Over!

These are pics from a selection of three Reservekraftstations, in the remote wildernesses of SWEDEN (pronounced it like Dr P's 'Sweetshop'). By remote, i dont mean that piece of shit you bought of Ebay for £5 to take 'bulb' images on your D450... I mean, me n Snappel drove miles into the countryside, found the 'right' area, got wasted on cheap Absolut, cooked crappy German noodles in the boot of the hire car then fell into a fitful slumber, ensconced in the 'very much moulded' seats of an Opel Astra that thank fuck, got us 70mpg, before waking up to find the locals looking at as funny.
Thanks to Benkar for the inspiration... (we owe you buddy!)

Reservekraftstations are a solely Swedish anomaly. A mix of an underground rail station, a Cold War Bomb shelter and a simple train tunnel, there are GOD KNOWS how many, ALL over the fine land that is Sw3den. They were built as BOMB proof 'gap fillers' in the electrified rail system that Sweden relied upon. Being only a 'Baltic Sea' away from former Soviet States like Estonia and Latvia, they stood as replacements in the supply of railway electricity, should another, less hidden aspect of the system be knocked out, during the Cold War.
We had the privileged of seeing three.

The first was COMPLETELY intact! With lights. Unvandalised. We came. Hard.

The second, was pretty empty, being nearer a big Swedish city.

The Third, was trashed, but still representing.

Straight out of 1989:




In the middle. Of. Nowhere.

The next two where somewhat knackered:


Of course we are Sledging. Its Sweden!

The Way out... just in case.

Vandalised :(


Big Icicle.

The stalwarts of the Former Swedish Society Against the Former Soviets (the FSSAFS, or Fisaphs) prevents us from saying WHERE these places are. So just lap the piccies up... and remember, not everyone gets to see everything ;) (im still sad bout that Farnborough centrefuge :( )
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