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Report - - Swimming Pool, High Street, Erith (27/02/08) | Leisure Sites |

Report - Swimming Pool, High Street, Erith (27/02/08)

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Don't eat my biscuit !
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This is my first posting on this forum so I hope Ive done things by the book :) . Sorry but Ive not got much info on this place, all I know is it was closed a year or two ago, me and a friend got inside a week or so back. as you can see the locals have been in so its well smashed up :( . I took about 70 photos but these are the ones that came out best I think , anyway I know it's not Cane Hill ( hope to see that place very soon ) but it's a start for me on these froums anyway :)










Don't eat my biscuit !
28DL Full Member
Re: Swimming Pool Erith high street 27/02/2008 REPORT

"Interesting choice of location! " I have a few other places round my way but Ive not had time to look at them yet, I passed this pool a few weeks back so when going for a bike ride so I stopped to have a look and found a way in :) all in all I think it was telling me to take some pictures before theres F**K all left. its a shame so many places end up this smashed up it just makes it harder for the likes of us :( . I wanted to take a photo from the slide but it was full of glass so I left it . heres a few more pictures but thats it for this one Thanks for the replys all :)

(Edit ) forgot to say I went down that tunnel , at the end it turned left and got a bit smaller and then at the end of that part it seemed to open up but was only 2 foot or there abouts high so I had to turn back.




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