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Report - Thamesteel - Sheerness - February 2013


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I've been sitting on these pictures a while now, this place doesn't bring back any good memories for me. We'd heard that security were quite hot here and that police were always called if you were spotted so for this reason, myself Nobby and MarkyMark set off at some stupid hour in the middle of the night so that we could make a stealthy entrance. I felt like shit this day, I thought it was the effects of only getting a couple of hours kip but it turned out I had actual flu which is why this place doesn't bring back any good memories. As the day went on, I lost more and more energy and couldn't concentrate on my photo's. To add to that, the temperature didn't really creep above 0 degrees.

We spotted our entry point which was right in the line of sight from secca, thankfully, it was still pitch dark so we went un-noticed. We didn't want to give our position away so using only a very faint beam of red light, we made our way through the buildings. We couldn't make out what they were or where we were going. We ventured deep inside and eventually found some sort of office/tool store and took refuge. We tried to get some sleep and wait until the sun came up but the torturous bitter cold kept us awake. We dozed in and out of consciousness for a couple of hours until we saw the beams of first light illuminating our surroundings.

We spent a few hours wandering around, it's a huge place with some really nice features. Decent photo's are lacking here, most of what I took represented how I felt that day... absolute shit!









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