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Report - The Apostles Cathedral - Bristol - 16/04/06


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When we were down this way a few months ago this place took my breath away, the sheer scale of it, and its fantastic architecture...

We decided to take a return journey, and get some better pictures with our better camera's, this turned out to be quite an eye-opener.

Since our 1st visit, the access was reasonably difficult and not very obvious...now however, the whole place is pretty much wide open, and there is graffiti and tagging all over everything, the school opposite is wide open, and completly void of anything interesting apart from spray cans. The way these idiots have left such a wonderful building made me so angry...

here's the pictures, the cathedral itself still shows it grandure through all the tagging, and hopefully something will be done about this fantastic building.

The seminary...?? small offset room seperate to the cathedral room...


the passageway to the main door, and the cathedral hall...


the stunning window, thankfully no more damage...


a sad looking figure...


the cathedral hall...tagged up!


and looking back into the passageway...


utterly shocking that it has been let to get like this...

turk ;)


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