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Part of the old saxondale hospital is a restaurant i believe, if any of you ever visit Nottingham take a look at the old site. Its got fabulous houses now. All the tea in China would not make me live there, part of the old Mapperley hospital still stands, most been turned into apartments, its now known as the wells road centre the part that is still in service, I will hopefully be able to post pictures of how saxondale and Mapperley used to look.


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This weekend is Oxford Open Doors and one of the many venues being opened to the public for the weekend was the Warneford Hospital in Headington. The little asylum is somewhere I had always wanted to see close up as I used to go past it every day on the way to school and, like many, I love Victorian hospitals.

The first part was built in the 1820s and it was expanded in 1877. I think it's unlike any other asylum of it's era as it was built as a private hospital for more wealthy patients needing mental health treatment. The vast majority of people committed to an asylum in Oxford ended up at Littlemore. It's a beautiful compact little asylum primarily composed of a pair of straight buildings (one with a little clock tower) with wards at either end running parallel to each other connected by a corridor in the middle with other services branching off from it. The small size of the hospital meant that an auditorium was never built so patient entertainment and other things took place in the chapel instead.

It's been largely unchanged since it was built with only a handful of more modern additions joined onto it and some more modern buildings constructed in the grounds. The trust are looking to massively expand the hospital however as, being an old listed building, there is only so much they can do within the confines of it's walls.

I managed to snap a few photos of a small part of the inside as well as the chapel but wasn't sure if we were allowed to or not...:p





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