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Report - The Centre Bastion - Sheerness - kent - 2009

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The centre Bastion explored with solar p and brad g 3 towers located rite on the beach front between the two towers and sited at the same level as the left hand gun tower was a third tower. This was the battery command post which was square in shape with a domestic-style hipped roof and chimney stack with three chimney pots, all helping to disguise its military role. The command post was approximately 45 feet (13.8 metres) high with two doors and two windows at the first floor level at the front of the building.

Access was by means of a raised walkway linking all three towers at a level with the third floor of the command post and parapet level of the two gun towers and an iron staircase led up from ground level to the walkway in front of the command post. Additional access was provided by iron ladders secured to the wall of each gun tower rising to a door just below the level of the gun platform while the command post had an internal spiral staircase. All three towers were painted with a disruptive camouflage pattern
a map of the site

the approach

the two gun towers


the obs tower

inside one of the towers


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