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Report - The Commodore, Hammersmith, London, January 1982


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Designed by George Coles, in a neo-classical style, this 2884 seater opened on 14 September 1929. Designed for cine-variety, it had a 50 foot wide proscenium and a 28 foot deep stage, with dressing rooms. Taken over by ABC on the 24 July 1933, it closed as a cinema on 8 June 1963, but then became a Mecca Bingo Club until 1981. Two Rolling Stones concerts were held here on Sunday, 10 January 1965.
Returning from watching blocks of flats being blown up in Leytonstone, I thought that it might be 'doable', being a Sunday, but the demo men were round the back! Managed to get these pics, before another guy and myself were told to f*ck off!
The site is now an office block called Quantas House, but incorporates the foundation stone, that was laid by Tallulah Bankhead in 1929.


Front view


The demo mans ball hitting the proscenium


Down comes more masonry


When the dust had cleared


Crane in position for more destruction!


Mini nut

My local and favourite, gone.
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Those "Tower" bastards were responsible for demolishing my local, and favourite, ODEON. This one looks a gem.
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