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Report (Permission Visit) The Crematorium, USA May 2016


grumpy sod
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Sometimes it pays to know the right people, or at least have a friend who knows the right people!

I just wish I'd had more time in here to compose better shots after being delayed due to friends not getting their arses in gear in good enough time.

This defunct crematorium is stunning. It was shut down after a new modern self contained cremation area was built behind it which is a lot cheaper to run and probably more environmentally friendly or something. The chapel is still used on the odd occasion so is kept secure and looked after by guardians much like we have over here with the Churches Conservation Trust. It's somewhat modest exterior hides an absolute masterpiece of an interior filled with marble opulence and extremely fine details with no expense spared, it really is one of the most beautiful spaces I've ever stepped foot in. The dark brick used in the construction and the brightness from the windows on a very sunny day sadly resulted in some less than ideal shooting conditions.

Sadly the tower was inaccessible.

Behind the grand marbled room containing the fronts of the cremation ovens it was a much plainer affair.

I know people sometimes wrinkle their noses at permission visits being 'not real exploring' however when you get a chance to see something like this, you jump at it.​

Calamity Jane

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Stunning, would love to see more. Fantastic set here. So so stunning. :Not Worthy