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28DL and UE in the News The Daily Mail again


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I try to stay pretty low key. But as most seem to be throwing their opinion in I shall follow suit all being that I'm a little intoxicated. I've been in this hobby on and off for quite a while now. Being a member of the Clan was my first introduction to the sense of community that centres around this hobby. I was welcomed by @Doug and the rest of the clan on my first explore with them and remain very much involved with the Clan even from over here.

The problems with the community as a whole are really just an evolution of a representation of the hobby. Forums are just an early representation of social media that a lot of us have become accustomed too. We all have our differences, in how we choose to share what we have done, and what we intend to get out of the hobby.

If someone wants to make money out of feeding the arm chair explorers then fair play, but they must accept the opinions of others that share that hobby too If they want to be part of that community.

I don't like the current level of publicity involved with the hobby but there is nothing I can do about that, luckily the media don't seem to think it's a "cool" thing to be drinking beer and wading through streams of shit for a good night. So the publicity doesent affect me directly. But I do feel that it's leaving a sour taste in people's mouths that's starting to fracture some areas and opinions within the community, not just in the UK but globally.

Still doesent stop us getting shit faced though.


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I've been selling out to the media since 1989 :p
A few of us have done a bit with carefully selected media over the last year in recognition of Cave Clan's 30 years.
I've never had a problem with the media stuff that I'm involved in as I have strict rules I follow. I never did it for fame (most of the time I covered up who I was). I did most of it pre-Google to find more like-minded people with oodles of local knowledge.
Having said all that, the general urbex scene doesn't need the media or kids with know sense of community doing interviews.

I've said this 25 times before and I believe it more so than ever, the damage the media has done to our scene pales into insignificance compared to what social media has done.

By the way, I just did 2 radio interviews yesterday

Things change.




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28DL Full Member
All a load of shit if you ask me, Clearly doesn't care about anything but money, Nightscape got so caught up in the money that he's managed to show his full home address, If he doesn't care about keeping that private, what can you expect..