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Report - The Lighthouse Building London - Feb '15


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The Lighthouse Building. First report
I haven't been able to find much info on this place, other than it has been abandoned for the last 20 or so years, and is now getting a facelift and will be used as offices with a few shop fronts on ground level? If anyone knows a bit of the history to this place I would love to hear it!

This really was an impromptu explore, I had gotten the day wrong for my bus to Edinburgh so I had a night to kill, a friend sent me the below picture the day before. So figured I would check it out on my way home.


It was still fairly early when I arrived so I grabbed a few tins and watched for a few hours. It soon became obvious that being so central the streets were not going to get quite until extremely late. After picking up a few more tins I decided I would have to rely on people not paying attention and just give it a go.

Surprisingly this worked, and I made it in without an issue and started my explore.




The inside of the building has been gutted, construction still seems to be in the early stages as there are minimal internal walls.


Some of the stairs are a little 'interesting'


After I found the internal stairwells I made my way to the first level of the roof.



Next was to make it to the top of the tower, which I was surprised to find is still intact, and home to quite a few pigeons that caused a but clenching moment when they all flew out into my face!

From the outside you get a fairly good view of Kings Cross and the surrounding area.


I sat here and finished of the last of my tins, before having a crack at the crane. About half way up someone down below decided they felt like looking up and spotted me. After that I decided I would make my retreat and go back another time to conquer that one!

Thanks for reading,


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That's the one with the weird crane! Been wanting to know where it was for ages...

Nice pics! Cheers for sharing. :)


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Thats changed a bit! There used to be a nice little range in the cellars... Amoungst other things
The picture from below the chained up stairs is as low into the building as I could get. And there wasn't a great deal of room in there. The entire building has been gutted.


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Shame I never did this place, kept meaning to but never did. I do know one of the challenges they face is the building is over a tube line so can it only be a certain amount of weight before the girders give out. It also changed hands quite a few times before the redev. took place.


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great report as ever acid


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I had a walk around this building today and I have to say there's not really any way in without being spotted.

How on earth did you do it?

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