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Report - The Model T, South Wales - Feb 2014


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28DL Full Member
Visited with three other non members.

This wasn't my original plan for the weekend, we started off planning to explore a local old people's home that was shut down around 18 months ago, however access to the place was virtually impossible compared to the last time we visited. Deciding we didn't want to waste what was left of the Saturday afternoon light we decided to travel to the model T pub last visited 6 months ago which was only 20 minutes away.

I know flying solo and lenston have done reports on this place recently, but thought i'd show you a couple of pictures from my visit.

After visiting this place growing up as a child not so long ago it certainly is cool to snoop around. Was closed down some point early last year as far as i'm concerned, the place is fairly trashed. Only had my smartphone with me so the pics aren't the greatest.



Quality is terrible on this one, but thought the safe was a cool feature :eek:


Ball pit and slide is a cool feature, didn't want to spend long in the pit because it smelt putrid, god know what bodily fluids were in there.



Wooden staircase was a cool feature :bananapopcorn






Okay, this is where the explore stopped, after getting upstairs we found this, and heard noises coming from one of the two rooms behind. We all decided to leave, I think this was the wrong decision, but it being a very local explore a visit back next weekend for another snoop around is on the cards...


Would you have stayed there and checked the rooms? Or play it safe and leave? :confused:confused

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