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Report - The Odeon Cinema (aka. Gaumount) - Wednesbury - March 2014


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Had high hopes for this one, it looked great from the outside and had been independent bingo so potential for areas of epic to be hidden behind locked doors.. We had been trying to get in for a few years but it always appeared to be well looked after.. Last month however the cinema had a fire and i decided i should make an extra effort to see what was left.. After a silly climb i was in but alas there wasn't much to see. The auditorium half burnt and bad smoke damage through out the building. The projection room had been out of use a long time and was old but unfortunately just full of seats, not a projector in sight.. I dont know if i should be happy i didn't miss much because of the fire or sad it was shit. Il post some pictures for reference anyway..

Originally on this site was the 1915-built Picture House. It was closed and demolished in January 1938, and the new Gaumont opened on 10th October 1938. It was built by the Gaumont British Theatres chain, together with Associated Provincial Picture Houses.

The exterior featured a 60 feet tall square tower that had a flat top, and was covered with cream faiance tiles, together with the remainder of the facade. Inside the auditorium, seating was provided in stalls and balcony levels. Illumination was via troughs of concealed lighting.

Later taken over by the Rank Organisation, it was re-named Odeon on 9th March 1964. It was taken over by an independent operator from 30th January 1972, and re-named Silver Cinema which closed on 19th April 1974.

It was converted into an independent bingo club, and this continued until closing as a Walkers Bingo Club in February 2010. Another victim of the ban on smoking in public places, and the recession.









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I tried this a few times in the past but not recently. Didn't hear about the fire though but like you said ultimately disapointing. A real shame. Very hard to salvage something good covered in soot(photographically speaking). But nice one for getting in at least.


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The annoying thing is my 'In' has been there all along i just never tried as its quite hard and i suspected it would be alarmed with the power still being on and all that.. Another case of 'should of just gone for it' probably would have a had a half decent set of photos from it even if there was no epic hiding..

Front door might still be open if your going past..


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Art Deco? :confused


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Despite I've only been exploring a couple of years, I've decided to go down the "go for it route" at most places as you don't know when things are going to be gone or burnt . . . . .

Good photos considering!

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