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Report - The Rising Sun Pub, Leeds, September 2020


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"The Grade II listed former pub has sat empty for a number of years.
The pub, which dates back to around 1895, has long since closed, reopening as a second-hand furniture shop in 2011. It was severely damaged by fire in 2013, has suffered from vandalism and drug use and its downstairs was left under several feet of water when the River Aire flooded on Boxing Day 2015.
Now developer Mick Ackroyd wants to use the upper floors as apartments, restore and refurbish the ground floor as a coffee bar and lounge and discard some of the outside ‘green space’ in order to provide safe access and parking.
Those plans seem to be progressing – albeit slowly."
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Source: https://westleedsdispatch.com/whats-happening-with-the-rising-sun-pub/

Long time lurker, first time poster.

Have wanted to explore this building for quite a while. There isn't a whole lot in there, it has mostly been stripped or fire damaged although structurally still sound ridden with pigeon poo. The bare bones of the bar are still there along with some of its mosaic tiling on the floor, with the highlight being the old movie posters on the stairwell.

It's quite large for an old pub and on my way out and the last room I came across noticed a some homeless folk are sleeping there so would advise caution.
Apologies for photo quality- poor lighting and didn't realise uploading/size would be so pixellated.

From the mean streets:











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Couple of image attachments at start of thread look broken.

Goof effort all the same :thumb
Cheers :)

The broken links were for more info and history of the place;

Hopefully these links work!


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Depressing, that pub used to have the most magnificent windows
Its a crying shame that this has been left to get to this state, given that it was one of the very few Tetley houses that was given the title of a Heritage pub. In fact I'm surprised its still standing to be honest.
Love that tiling by the way.


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Couple of redeeming features in that - well done mate :thumb

Bikin Glynn

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Looks lovely from outside but a typical derp pub once you are in.
decent report though

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