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Report - - The Severn Bridge 08/08/07 | Noteworthy Reports |

Report - The Severn Bridge 08/08/07

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I should have danced all night
28DL Full Member
Visited with SL

After me missing several junctions, I finally met up with SL in the M48 services to tackle this beast of a bridge. Having no climbing experience, I was understandably a little concerned :eek: We had both recced this at least three times each (if you count driving over it as a recce) so tonight was the night to do it with perfect weather-not too windy and a nice clear night. We mooched around waiting for it to get dark and then took our chances during the gaps in the traffic. This had to be done really quickly until we were over the lampposts and better disguised by the darkness. The climb was hard but wonderful for thigh toning :gay and so lots of clips and harness action later, we had reached the top. By now, I couldn't feel my fingers as the steel had sucked all the blood out of them. The light at the top was really hard for taking photos in because it was all pink and so windy up there until you stood round the corner behind the windbreak and everything was silent-it was insane! Quick photo session and now to tackle the descent which was a lot quicker than the way up but more risk of slippage of the feet. A fantastic and challenging explore-what a fantastic evening! Huge thanks to SL for arranging and co-ordinating the whole thing-I hope I wasn't too wobbly :p :thumb















28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Great pictures! About forty odd years ago, I went up both towers the easy way (Lift in the columns!) to do a filming job. Amazing views! I also went inside the deck which was quite surreal as it is constantly moving with the passage of traffic.

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